Bard + minimalist. For Sarah.

  the hobbit  

In a coat of gold or a coat of red a lion still has claws

- One more minute and you both would’ve been dead. Neither of you won. Your plan was a half-baked disaster, and if it was not for that fire we would all be pushing up daisies.


It’s just a stupid sword,” she said, aloud this time… but it wasn’t. [insp]

“We will dance again,” he promised. “On the morrow, and the morrow. Every day we’ll dance, till I am as good with my left hand as ever I was with the right.”

But, if it weren’t for my children, I’d have thrown myself from the highest window in the Red Keep. They’re the reason I’m alive. Even Joffrey.  

"I don’t think Thorin’s going on any more adventures after the Battle Of The Five Armies."

— Richard Armitage, for (via speakfriendandenter)